Large-Scale Railroading

About the Editor

John Sayre

John Sayre (right) visits with Bob "Smitty" Smith of the Panella Pacific Railroad

          I have been involved in the rideable railroad hobby as a fan since the late eighties and as an owner since 1995. I own the private sixteen inch gauge Arizona and Pacific Railroad in Peoria, Arizona The majority of my equipment was manufactured by the Miniature Train Company, Allen Herschell Co. or Hillcrest Shops, but some is homemade and inspired by other manufacturers. I have two engines that are gasoline powered, one that is battery powered and someday I hope to have a live steam engine on the A & P. I am a big fan of the hobby and sharing our dreams with others. One day a visitor to my railroad said “many people dream of one day owning their own railroad, but few people in this life get to live their dream.” I am very fortunate in that I am living my dream.

Arizona and Pacific Railroad Arizona and Pacific Railroad